Delia is a data language for creating, managing, and querying SQL databases. It has a simple, friendly syntax, and communicates with your database using efficient SQL.

type Customer struct {
 id int primaryKey,
 firstName string,
 lastName string
 birthDate date optional
 relation address Address one optional
  firstName.len() > 0 || lastName.len() > 0 //both can't be empty

Delia lets you fully manage your data:

  • define a complete schema. Define types, fields, relations, and validation rules.
  • update the schema. Delia will perform schema SQL migrations automatically, as needed.
  • define your queries. It's a compiled language so they're type-safe.
  • insert your seed data (i.e. initial data).
  • perform create/read/update/delete database operations from your application programming language

Why Delia?

  • Simpler object-based approach to data access.
  • Manage schema, queries, and create, update, and delete operations in one place.
  • the Delia compiler catches many SQL errors at compile time.
  • Unlike an ORM framework such as Hibernate or Spring JPA, Delia code is just text; it can be modified dynamically in your application.

A Tour of Delia

Version History

  • v0.2.11 Apr 19,2020. First alpha release. An initial version. Not for production use.