REPL Commands

In addition to Delia statements, there are some REPL commands:

Some commands have a short form. “c myproject.txt” is equivalent to “continue myproject.txt”

CommandShort FormDescription
continue pathc pathexecute a Delia source file as part of the current session. The source file must not contain any ‘type’ statements.
db log on/offenable/disable logging of SQL statements. For example “db log on”
db table delete tableNamedelete a database table
db table listldbdisplay a list of all the tables in the database
load pathload a Delia source file, but only the type statements.
migration generatemgcalculate the difference between the Delia types in the current session and the databse schema. Display a list of steps to migrate the database schema.
migration runmrrun the migration plan produced in ‘migration generate’.
migration run pathmrrun the migration plan in the given text file.
list typesltdisplay a list of the Delia types in the current session.
list varslvdisplay a list of the Delia variable in the current session.
run pathr pathcreate a session by executing a Delia source file.
statusdisplay a summary of the current session.