Import Results

After the import has been run, use the logImportReport method to view details about failed and successful rows. The report shows six types of errors

NNot in Mapping. a mandatory field in the destination type is not mentioned in the input function.
MMissing. the input CSV line did not have a value for this field
I1Invalid. the input CSV value was invalid. Usually means a type conversion error. For example for a field wid int, a value “abc” would produce this error.
I2Invalid. Validation rule for this field failed. For example, a validation rule taxCode.maxlen(3) would produce this error for an input value of “ARST”.
DDuplicate error. The field is unique and the input value already exists in another row.
RRelation error. The field is a relation and the input value is not a valid foreign key value.

Use this function:

DataImportService importSvc = delia.createImportService();

It will write the following to the log:

IMPORT 192 rows. 180 successful, 12 failed
   Customer         N   M  I1  I2   D   R
         id [ 0]:   0,  0,  0,  0,  0,  0
        wid [ 1]:   0,  8,  8,  0,  0,  0
       name [ 2]:   0,  0,  0,  4,  0,  0
     TOTALS     :   0,  8,  8,  4,  0,  0